Comfy wearing Easy to take off

Ergonomics deeply optimize the in-ear structure,
and the intelligent in ear design makes the ear
buds sit still in the ears. No awkward feelings
even for long time wearing.

Speaker unit 120 degrees tired

Conform to the ergonomics, better sit and no falling of,
better music enjoyment

Three buttons line control
clear sound for phone calls

Gold ratio line control position and soft buttons,
comfortable and friendly. Multi-functional line control
design, free to trace music and adjust volume.

TPE soft plastic wire, solid
quality and long durability

As a high elastic rubber material, TPE is
environmental friendly, non-toxic, soft and high-
temperature resisted. Taken as headset wire
material, it will be more durable and will not
be twisted.

Born for sports -Bond free

Get rid of any bounds, free for sports and enjoy the fun. D300 headset
bluetooth connected with your portable devices, no plugs,
no long wires and better music and sports enjoyment.

70mAh battery capacity
4 hours play time

70mAh battery capacity and with the optimized circuit board,
could prevent it getting hot and prolong the battery life.
Bring you safer and longer play time

Bluetooth 4.1 technology,
better sound quality

  • Lower power
  • Better
  • better

Strong compatibility

Disregard of the brands, systems, compatible with devices
as long as they are bluetooth enabled.

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